Qualifications that can be attained on successful completion:

  • FGASA Field Guide NQF2

  • FGASA Apprentice Trails Guide

  • FGASA Advanced Rifle Handling

  • PFTC firearms qualifications 

  • Snake Handling and ID certificate

  • Open Water 1 SCUBA diver

  • Track and Sign Level

  • Advanced Astronomy or Basic Birding

  • 6 months lodge apprenticeship where hours and encounters towards Lead Trails guide can be attained under mentorship.


This course is ideal for the gap year student as well as the student that wants the most comprehensive training course we offer.


This course is conducted in two phases.

Phase 1  will be the training and assessment phase and it will be conducted at our training camp.

Phase 2  will be the in service apprenticeship phase and it will be conducted at some of the best lodges in South Africa.


Each phase lasts 6 months.

The subjects covered during this course will be the following:

  • FGASA  Apprentice Field Guide NQF2 syllabus and exam

  • FGASA Apprentice Trails Guide syllabus and exam

  • FGASA Advanced Astronomy syllabus and exam

  • Track and Sign

  • Level One First Aid

  • Snake Handling and Snake ID

  • Open Water 1 SCUBA DIVER

  • Hosting Skills

  • Wine Presentation and Cigar Presentation

  • Reserve Management and Conservation Principles

  • Anti Poaching 

Students will be constantly observed and assessed throughout this course. They will also be placed at suitable lodges for Phase 2.

Cost of the course:

R170 000.00